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Pedalpax SA1 - Single Action Programmable USB Foot Pedal

This is the most basic and cost effective programmable foot pedal of the Pedalpax line. Customers requested more bang for their buck so we added Mouse Click capability to this pedal. It's unlikely you will find a comparable pedal with its features for the price. This pedal weighs in at 4.0 oz. Click on product image for additional details..


Pedalpax CA1 - Cascade ( Dual ) Action USB Programmable Foot Pedal

Active Feet love this foot pedals combined dual functionality as well as it's cost effectiveness. They like the ability to both walk and run in software with the same unit. The CA1 pedal does not come standard with Mouse Click capability but it can be added for a nominal fee. This pedal weighs in at 4.5 oz. Click on product image for additional details..


Pedalpax SA1 ULTRA - Single Action Industrial USB Programmable Foot Pedal

Industrial and precision based customers revere this industrial strength and cost effective programmable foot pedal unit. Die cast housing augments those who really want to put their foot down.  It weighs in at 15 oz. Click on product image for additional details..


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